Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with freezing pipes?

Do you have any plumbing advice for winter weather?

What is an alternative method of plumbing repair to using a cable?

What plumbing other plumbing service should I consider as a commercial business owner?

Is there a way to inspect a pipe problem visually?

Is there a way to locate my pipes from above the ground surface?

Can I have someone haul away waste from my place of business?

Is there legislation requiring I get backflow certification for my business?

Is there an environmentally friendly way to clean my drains at my place of business?

Whatís a good way to know if Iíve selected a good plumber in the Boston area?

What services can I expect from a commercial plumber in the Chicago area?

How do I find a good New York plumber?

How can I keep my plumbing charges down?

What questions do I need to ask plumbers I am interviewing?

What can I expect to pay a plumbing contractor for plumbing installation in a remodel?

Do you have any winterizing tips for my home when the temperatures drop?

What should I consider when selecting a plumbing contractor?

What kind of things will my plumbing contractor be knowledgeable about?

What is an easy way to prevent clogs in my bathroom shower drain?

What is a good technique for using a plunger?

How should I use drain cleaning products when clearing out a clog?

If the water flow on my faucet is slow, can I perform simple faucet repair to correct the problem?

What are some good ways to avoid plumbing problems in my bathroom?

What are some tools I can use to unclog a drain?

Is there an easy way to fix the water flow problem on my showerhead?

How can I keep the plumbing in my kitchen clog free?

What do I do if more than one fixture in my home is clogged at the same time?

What can I do to avoid clogged drains?

What safety tips should I keep in mind before I install a garbage disposer?

Can I call a Seattle plumber in order to install my garbage disposer?

Do I need to do anything differently if I have a septic tank and a garbage disposer?

What tools will I need to install a garbage disposer?

Can you tell me how to install my garbage disposal unit?

How do I wire the electrical circuits for my garbage disposal unit?

How do I use an existing electrical circuit for my new garbage disposer unit?

Garbage disposer circuit safety, voltage tester, garbage disposer

Do I need to do any prep work before I tackle replacing my garbage disposer?

Do you have techniques for testing my toilet for leaks?

How do I figure out what measurements I need when sizing for a new toilet?

How do I remove an old toilet?

How do I install a new toilet bowl?

How do I install a new toilet tank?

What do I need to purchase when I install a new toilet fixture?

Can I repair a broken toilet flange instead of replacing it?

Why should I replace my existing toilet with a low flush one?

Do foul odors coming from my toilet mean it needs repair?

What reference can I use for plumbing codes?

How will I know if I have to upgrade my plumbing to current building codes?

What code dimensions do I need to follow when remodeling my bathroom?

Is there a codebook specifically geared toward residential remodels?

Can I vent my bathroom to an interior part of the house?

Are there any new codes related to fixture installation in my home?

Who has the final say on building codes when I remodel my home?

Do I have to bring the plumbing in a house for sale up to code?

Does the International Residential Code cover all types of residential dwellings, including apartment buildings?

Which drain tools should I use to clear out a clog in my pipes?

Can you tell me some alternate tools I can use to clear out my plumbing?

What are some basic wrenches and pliers and what are they used for?

What tool do I use to cut pipe?

What tools must I have to solder a pipe?

How do I keep threaded pipes from leaking at the joints?

What kind of space saving fixtures can I get for my half bath?

What are the lifespan and replacement costs of major appliances?

Can you suggest a water conserving plumbing fixture to install in my bathroom?

Where can I get more information about employment as a plumber?

What kind of training do I need to become a plumber?

What organizations are good resources for entering the plumbing profession?

What career opportunities are there for me in plumbing design?

What is the job outlook for plumbers?

What can I expect to make as a plumber?

Will I earn wages as an apprentice plumber?

What industry can I expect to earn the most as a plumber?

What would I do as an apprentice plumber?

When should I call in my local Bay Area Peninsula plumber?

How do I avoid having to contact my plumber if I have a septic tank system?

What can I check to figure out the problem with my septic tank?

How can I avoid septic tank problems?

What are some easy ways to maintain my septic tank system?

How much capacity do I need for my new septic tank?

What do I look for when purchasing a home with a septic tank?

What are the main parts of a septic tank?

Why might my septic system be undergoing a failure?

When should I call in the local Baltimore plumber to fix my sewer lines?

What kinds of problems might I have with my sewer pipes?

What is the most common reason people need sewer cleaning?

How does a plumbing professional perform a sewer line replacement?

Can you tell me how pipe bursting works?

What is pipe relining?

How do I stop roots from breaking my sewer line?

What is involved in laying down a new sewer line?

How will purchasing a house with easements over the sewer lines affect my ability to maintain and repair it?

How can I promote water heater conservation with my existing unit?

How do I know if I should bother with water heater repair or not?

What should I look for when purchasing a hot water heater?

What is a tankless water heater?

What can I expect to pay for a new water heater?

What are the advantages of a tankless water heater?

What are the disadvantages of a tankless heater?

How do I figure out how many gallons I need for my water heater?

How do I know how efficient a hot water heater will be?

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