Avoid Having A Plumbing Problem On Cold Weather Days

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Avoid Having A Plumbing Problem On Cold Weather Days

When the temperatures plummet and cold weather days set in, you need to take measures to avoid having a plumbing problem. Ensure your plumbing will stand up to the chill. If you follow our plumbing advice for the winter season, your pipes will have a better chance of avoiding a plumbing problem on the cold weather days:

  • Sealing leaks around your windows and doors will help trap the heat inside your home and keep your indoor pipes from suffering extreme drops in temperature.
  • Since your water heater needs to expend more energy to keep up with hot water needs in the winter, give it a little maintenance by flushing it out to remove any sediment build-ups. Your water heater will work more efficiently and you'll help maintain its lifespan.
  • Take our plumbing advice and clear out any leaves and debris from your downspouts to make sure draining is easy when the freezing water thaws out.



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