Finding A Good New York Plumber

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How do I find a good New York plumber?

Finding A Good New York Plumber

If you live in New York City, you'll find no shortage of plumbers in your area. With so many professionals to choose from, you might wonder what the best way is to go about finding a good New York plumber. With just a little legwork, you can rest assured you'll have a plumber who will charge you what you expect to pay on your plumbing bill as well as return your plumbing system to good working order.

  • Make sure your New York plumber has a current license and that there are no complaints against him or his company.
  • Some people think to ask friends and neighbors, but try asking your real estate agent for a plumbing reference. Good plumbing helps keep real estate values up and real estate agents often know reliable plumbers for this reason.
  • Ask up front for an estimate and then avoid getting overcharged by getting a breakdown. Find out how they arrive at their plumbing rate charges. Get the charge rate per quarter hour. Ask how much of the plumbing rate is part of the initial service charge and how much of the rate is the diagnosis.



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