Keep Your Plumber From Charging Through The Roof

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How can I keep my plumbing charges down?

Keep Your Plumber From Charging Through The Roof

Sometimes the gap between what you thought your plumber quoted you and what you get handed as your plumbing bill is pretty astronomical. To keep your plumbing bill tame, follow our tidbits to help keep your plumber from charging you through the roof.

  • Talk to your plumber and be clear about what work will be done and find out exactly what you'll get charged for and how much.
  • Get all numbers in writing, with all specific work accounted for.
  • Don't pay for a major project such as the installation of a water heater upfront. You want them to do a good job and you'll want some recourse if the work doesn't turn out as planned.
  • Clear out the area before your plumber arrives. Your plumber charges by the hour, so you don't want to keep him waiting while you're tackling a clean work area.
  • If you can avoid having your plumber come during emergency and peak rate hours, do so. Your plumbing bill will be much lower.



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