Winter Advice To Keep Away The Washington DC Plumber

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Do you have any winterizing tips for my home when the temperatures drop?

Winter Advice To Keep Away The Washington DC Plumber

When wintertime in Washington, DC, brings in the sleet and snow, your pipes can suffer too. So when the temperature drops, spend time to do some checks to see whether or not you'll need to call in your Washington DC plumber.

  • If you'll be out of the house any length of time, don't just leave your home without turning off the main shut off valve for the water. Drain out your plumbing by turning on faucets in the lowest and highest parts of your house. If your pipes freeze, you'll need to call in your Washington DC plumber to repair or replace your piping.
  • Test the relief valve in the water heater. Lift the lever and then let it snap back, which should allow a hot water burst to escape into the drain pipe. Just remember to exercise caution since water temperatures will be very high. If your relief valve does not function properly, call in your local Washington DC plumber.
  • If you have a sump pump and pit, give it a careful inspection and give your sump pump a thorough cleaning during the winter season. Keep in mind that exposure to low temperatures can cause your pump to freeze and you'll end up contacting your local Washington DC plumber for repairs.



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