Call Your Seattle Plumber For Garbage Disposer Installation

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Can I call a Seattle plumber in order to install my garbage disposer?

Call Your Seattle Plumber For Garbage Disposer Installation

Contact your local Seattle plumber to install a garbage disposer and save yourself the trouble and hazards of doing it yourself. You won't have to deal with figuring out circuitry and building codes – your Seattle plumber will do it for you. Your Seattle plumber can also facilitate repairs of an existing garbage
disposer if you want to try and keep the one you have. However, you can also try these solutions for minor problems before you contact your Seattle plumber:

  • If your garbage disposer suddenly shuts off during operation, it may be due to the overload protector triggering when the unit overheats.
  • After shutting off power, try the reset button and then turn your garbage disposer back on.



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