Garbage Disposer, Septic Tank Maintenance

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Do I need to do anything differently if I have a septic tank and a garbage disposer?

Garbage Disposer, Septic Tank Maintenance

People who have septic tanks need to take some additional measures if they also have a garbage disposer in their home. Remember these tidbits garnered from plumbing professionals if you want to use a garbage disposer with your septic tank.

  • Because of the increased amount of water people use with garbage disposers, you should clean your septic tank twice as often as you normally would if you want to use a garbage disposer on a regular basis.
  • Do not grind cigar stubs, cigarette stubs, lobster shells, or similar items into your garbage disposer. Tobacco impedes the bacterial action in your septic tank. Items like seafood shells will not decompose and will contribute to the sludge at the bottom of your septic tank.



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