Garbage Disposer Circuit Safety – Use A Voltage Tester

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Garbage Disposer Circuit Safety – Use A Voltage Tester

If you're getting ready to handle the wiring for your garbage disposer, practice garbage disposer circuit safety. Make sure the wiring is safe to handle by using a voltage tester. The best thing to do is avoid touching the wiring or allowing the wires to touch until you've used a voltage tester. This is how you conduct the test:

  • Touch one probe of the electrical tester to each wire in the connection at the same time. If your voltage tester lights up, you have electrical power running.
  • Don't touch the wires, but instead get a friend to help you determine which wire has the electricity running. Your buddy can go to the circuit box and cut the power for each wire until you've figured out which one links to your garbage disposer.
  • Turn off the power to your garbage disposer and test for electricity again. If your voltage tester doesn't light up, you can safely touch the wires.
Garbage disposer circuit safety might take a little extra time, but you'll avoid any unnecessary injuries and hazards from electricity.



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