Some Minimum Bathroom Dimensions To Go By

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What code dimensions do I need to follow when remodeling my bathroom?

Some Minimum Bathroom Dimensions To Go By

If you're installing new fixtures or moving old fixtures in your bathroom, it's always good to know the minimum bathroom dimensions to follow. Use these guidelines based on code when planning your next bathroom remodel:

  • Planning to put a sink opposite your tub or toilet? Leave 30 inches clear between the fixtures.
  • When you place a sink in your bathroom, you should have minimum of 12 inches from the center of your sink to the wall.
  • Moving your toilet to make more space? Make sure you have at least 15 inches from the center of your new toilet to the closet wall or edge of your cabinet.
Note: These minimum bathroom dimensions are guidelines. Make sure you check with your local codes for specific minimum clearances when doing a bathroom remodel.



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