Four Tools to Solder A Pipe

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What tools must I have to solder a pipe?

Four Tools to Solder A Pipe

To solder a pipe, you'll need several tools to get the job done right. This is our list of four tools to solder a pipe.

Pipe cleaning tool – Once you've cut a pipe, you need to clean it before you solder it to get the surface free of debris and rough surfaces. Use a pipe cleaning tool which will clean the inside and outside of the pipe.

Flux – Before you actually solder a pipe, you'll need to put flux on. Flux is a thick, gooey substance which will help your pipes fuse together.

Solder – Get a lead free solder to join your pipes together. Solder provides a seal for your pipe joints and keeps the connection drip-free.

Torch and striker – The striker will light the torch and you'll use the torch to apply high intensity heat to melt the solder and seal the joint.



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