Lifespans And Replacement Costs For Appliances

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What are the lifespan and replacement costs of major appliances?

Lifespans And Replacement Costs For Appliances

Appliances in your home won't last forever and when they break down, you'll have to foot the bill to replace them if repair isn't an option. Want to know how long the average lifespan and replacement costs for appliances in your home are? Read on to find out.

  • You may have felt like the water heater in your home has been around for years. That's probably because it has. A gas water heater lasts an average of 11-13 years and runs $650-$1,200 dollars to replace. If you get an electric one, you'll find they tend to last 14 years and cost from $450-$700 to replace on average.
  • A dishwasher lasts 10 years on average and will run you as low as $240 and as high as $700 to get a new one.
  • Also lasting an average of a decade is the garbage disposer. The garbage disposer might be a simple model for a mere $40 or a higher-end one for $200.
  • A clothes washer will last for 13 years on average. Replacement costs for appliances to wash your clothes will run you from $260-$700.



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