Five Things To Check If You Have Septic Tank Problems

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What can I check to figure out the problem with my septic tank?

Five Things To Check If You Have Septic Tank Problems

If your septic tank appears to have drainage difficulties, backflow problems, or is otherwise acting up, you can do a check to see if you can determine the problem. Here is our list of five things to check for septic tank problems.

1. Check the various fixtures in your house. Is only one fixture or drain clogged or is there more than one with problems?
2. Check the drain vent system. The building vent system might be blocked or not be installed properly.
3. Use a snake at the site of the building drain between your home and the septic tank to determine if a collapsed line, roots, or other obstruction is the problem with your septic tank.
4. Septic tank problems sometimes occur at the distribution box. Check the box and see if its levels are abnormally high. If so, you could be dealing with a failed or blocked absorption system.
5. Check the absorption field. If it appears wet or smells foul, your problem may be here.



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