Four Easy Ways To Maintain Your Septic Tank System

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What are some easy ways to maintain my septic tank system?

Four Easy Ways To Maintain Your Septic Tank System

You can help keep your septic tank system working in top condition by following a few easy maintenance tips. Want to find out how? Take a look at our guide to four easy ways to maintain your septic tank system.

1. Every three years, have a professional inspect your septic tank.
2. Pump your septic tank every three to five years or as needed.
3. Make efficient use of the water in your home whether you're washing dishes or doing laundry.
4. Exercise caution with commercial septic tank additives. Check with your health department before you add it to your septic tank. Keep in mind such additives may harm your tank and do not eliminate the need to pump your septic tank system on a regular basis.



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