Before You Buy A Home With A Septic Tank

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What do I look for when purchasing a home with a septic tank?

Before You Buy A Home With A Septic Tank

Looking at a home that comes with a septic tank? Before you make that purchase, take a good look at what you're getting. Take a look at our six guidelines to examining a septic tank when buying a home.

1. Ask the owners specific questions about the septic tank. Find out where it's located and what its installation and repair history is.
2. Take a look at the septic tank system. A visual inspection can give you an idea of what you're getting and what shape it's in.
3. Hire a home inspector to do a septic loading and dye test. The septic loading and dye test will help determine if there is a system failure in the septic tank.
4. If you find any problems, have a septic contractor pump the tank for you to inspect for any trouble zones.
5. If you pump the tank and you still have not determined what problems, if any exist, you may want to consider septic system physical inspection.
6. You can also consult outside sources, including neighbors, soil maps, water meter readings, and tank pumper records.



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