Five Reasons Why Your Septic System Might Be Failing

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Why might my septic system be undergoing a failure?

Five Reasons Why Your Septic System Might Be Failing

If your septic system is backing up or the leaching field isn't soaking up the effluent, there could be a number of causes for a system failure. To help you troubleshoot, read our list of five reasons why your septic system might be failing.

1. The original installation failed to account for poor soil conditions.
2. The soil is clogged because sludge is escaping into the leach field.
3. You have a high water table due to an unusually wet and rainy season. Sewage then gets forced to the surface by the groundwater.
4. Tree roots or bushes near your septic system are causing damaged pipes.
5. Heavy vehicles and objects passing over your septic system have caused damaged pipes and joints.



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