Laying Down A New Sewer Line

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What is involved in laying down a new sewer line?

Laying Down A New Sewer Line

If you're laying a new sewer line for your home, you'll have to find out what your local codes are, but some require your water line and new sewer line to be 10 feet apart from each other. You'll also have to consider the placement. The sewer line always needs to be below your water line. This is because in the event that either your new sewer line or water line breaks, you won't have to deal with sewage seeping into your water system. It's also really helpful if you have a sewer contractor who is knowledgeable as well as insured to dig trenches for the installation of a new sewer line. In most cases, your sewer contractor gets hired by a general contractor doing remodeling work on your home.



5/18/2015 12:00:26 PM
Nora Moore said:

That makes sense that they'd want your water line and sewer line to be separated. While those pipes shouldn't break, it's best to take precautions to make sure your water source is clean. Knowing those guidelines is very important when you're building your home.


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