Drain Cleaning With A Plunger

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What is a good technique for using a plunger?

Drain Cleaning With A Plunger

If you're tired of clogged drains in the house, one way to clear up your plumbing is by using a plunger. Though most people use the plunger for toilets, remember that you can use it for other applications, including drain cleaning a sink. You just might want to keep one used for a toilet separate from plungers used around other parts of the house. You can make a tighter seal on the plunger by spreading a thick petroleum jelly film around the rim of the plunger. You'll get a greater suction and it'll be easier for you to clear out a clog. When using a plunger, use a great deal of force to press the plunger handle down over the drain obstruction. Wait a minute and then see if the clog is cleared. You can then repeat the drain cleaning process as necessary.



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