Five Clogged Drain Tools

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What are some tools I can use to unclog a drain?

Five Clogged Drain Tools

If you've ever been stuck with a clogged drain or toilet and left wondering what clogged drain tools you should use, look at our handy list:

Plungers – These basic clogged drain tools can be used for unplugging your drains in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets by creating suction through pumping action at the handle. The all-purpose plungers have a flat face while the toilet plunger has an extended rim which you can turn back for use as a multi-purpose drain tool.

Snake – Also known as an auger, the snake is a flexible cable with a corkscrew end, useful for fishing out clogs in your piping. If you're clearing out a toilet, you can get a toilet auger which works with pipes up to 2” in diameter.

Flat Tape – The flat tape flat length of steel wire that is more rigid than the snake and clears out pipes 2” and up.

Power Auger – Like a power drill for cleaning out drain clogs, the power auger is a professional tool which cleans out large pipes up to 10” in diameter. Some models can reach lengths of 200 feet.

Rocket Nozzle – The rocket nozzle is a professional tool which sends a strong steady stream of water through your pipes to break up an obstruction. Rocket nozzles can clear out pipes as small as 1/2” in diameter to as large as 8” in diameter.



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