Preventive Measures For Clog Free Kitchen Plumbing

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How can I keep the plumbing in my kitchen clog free?

Preventive Measures For Clog Free Kitchen Plumbing

Want to keep your kitchen plumbing functioning properly? Take on these preventive measures for clog free kitchen plumbing:

1. Don't use the garbage disposer without running water down the pipes to flush out particles. Run the water both 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after you use the garbage disposer.
2. Watch what liquids go down your kitchen sink. Liquid grease shouldn't go down your kitchen sink. Take the time to dispose of it in your trash instead.
3. Keep your kitchen plumbing clog free by not putting food particles with a stringy or fibrous consistency. That means celery pieces, banana pieces, and skins from poultry don't go down the garbage disposer.



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