Tools You'll Need To Install A Garbage Disposer

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What tools will I need to install a garbage disposer?

Tools You'll Need To Install A Garbage Disposer

If you want to tackle installation of a new garbage disposer, you have to have the tools to do the job. To make sure you're not stuck in the middle of the project without the one tool you need, take a look at our garbage disposer installation tool list.

  • You'll need a wrench if your new garbage disposer attaches with bolts.
  • Get a Philips screwdriver and a flat screwdriver for the removal of the old unit, assembly of the new unit, and accessing electrical circuits.
  • Have a hose clamp handy for attaching the dishwasher discharging tube.
  • You'll need plumber's putty for the base of the disposer flange.
  • Have wire nuts on hand for managing the electrical circuits for the project.
  • Have goggles available for safety reasons.



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