How To Install A Garbage Disposer

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Can you tell me how to install my garbage disposal unit?

How To Install A Garbage Disposer

You should only install your own garbage disposal if you have experience working with electrical wiring and have some knowledge working with local building codes. Otherwise, it's important that you call in a professional for help to avoid more damage. If you have the know-how to do this do-it-yourself project, follow our instructions on how to install a garbage disposal:

1. Remove the drain lines to both sinks if you have a dual bowl sink. Next, remove the strainer from the bowl that you'll be using for the garbage disposal. Then, remove the strainer body. You should now have a simple hole at the base of your sink bowl.
2. Take plumber's putty, roll it between your hands, and form a length to run along the flange of your disposal unit.
3. Place the flange onto the drain hole. Then, attach the gasket to the flange, followed by the upper and lower mounting rings.
4. Snap the retaining ring into place next, tightening the three screws into the mounting ring until the flange assembly is secure.
5. Since the plumber's putty should have squeezed out, you can trim the excess and clear out the debris from the sink.
6. Review your manufacturer's instructions to attach the garbage disposal to the flange. You'll either attach the unit via a mounting ring or bolts.
7. Take the washer or gasket, which should come with your disposal unit, and attach the discharge tube to the discharge opening on the side of the disposal.
8. If you will be using a dishwasher in conjunction with your garbage disposal, remove the plug inside the dishwasher nipple. Then, attach the discharge tube to the dishwasher nipple.
9. This is the last step in how to install a garbage disposal. You can put in the drain lines. For a dual bowl sink, you can run the discharge tube perpendicular to the drain line. (You can use a single P-trap.) The discharge to can connect just above the trap.



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