Five Steps To Installing A New Toilet Bowl

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How do I install a new toilet bowl?

Five Steps To Installing A New Toilet Bowl

Ready to get started installing your new toilet bowl? By following these five easy steps, you'll have a new toilet bowl in place in no time.

1. First, install your closet bolts. If they insert into the flange, put them parallel to the wall behind your fixture. For closet bolts that go into the floor, install them in place of the existing ones.
2. Use an old sheet or towel under your bowl and turn it over on the floor. Allow your wax ring to warm up and apply it to the waste horn.
3. If you've covered the waste drain hole, unplug it now. Then, position your new toilet bowl onto the flange and loosely put on the retaining washers and nut.
4. Press the new toilet bowl into the wax with a gentle hand by rocking it back and forth. Once you have the unit in place, you can tighten the retaining washers and nut. Alternate sides as you tighten, to give an even distribution of pressure.
5. Attach the bolt caps to the closet bolts. Then check for any sign of leakage. If the new toilet bowl appears secure, apply a sealant such as tub and bath silicone sealant. You can apply it directly from the tube and then smooth it out with your finger.



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