Five Steps To Installing A New Toilet Tank

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How do I install a new toilet tank?

Five Steps To Installing A New Toilet Tank

So you've taken out your old toilet, put in the new bowl, and now
you're contemplating installing a new toilet tank. Installing a new
toilet tank is easier than you might think. You can do it in five easy
steps by reading our guide.

1. The bottom of your tank has an outlet. Install the large rubber gasket over the outlet.
Next, you need to place the rubber washers inside the tank and insert
the mounting bolts from inside the tank through the bowl's mounting
3. You'll put the new toilet tank on next. Place your new tank in position and secure it by alternately locking the nuts.
4. Check your manufacturer's instructions for specific directions on installing the toilet seat.
Installing the supply line will be your last step if you're putting in
a new one. A flexible supply line will make your job easy. If you
choose a rigid supply line, you'll have to bend it to for a proper fit.



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