Why You Should Consider The Low Flush Toilet

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Why should I replace my existing toilet with a low flush one?

Why You Should Consider The Low Flush Toilet

Looking for a new toilet fixture to replace your old one? Consider the low flush toilet. There are two main reasons why you should think about purchasing a low flush toilet.

  1. Conserve water. According to William Maas, founder of GreenHomeGuide.com, the average person uses 20.1 gallons of water a day by flushing the toilet. And most folks don't use any sort of water conservation fixtures in the process. If you use a low flush toilet, you'll be using dropping from 27,300 gallons of water use a year to 12,500 gallons a year. That's a pretty significant amount of water conservation.
  2. A low flush toilet saves money. By using a low flush toilet, you'll be saving a lot of money on your utility bill – potentially more than $100 a month.



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