Bring A House For Sale Up To Code

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Do I have to bring the plumbing in a house for sale up to code?

Bring A House For Sale Up To Code

If you're selling your home, you may have wondered whether or not you need to bring the old plumbing up to code. Maybe you even got something like the sink vent from your kitchen written up by the potential buyer's home inspector and he's asking you to make the house up to date before you sell it. Do you have to do it?

If you're not doing any renovations on your home, you likely don't have to bring your house up to code just for the sale. There are a few exceptions to the rule, so check with your local municipality for their list of requirements if you're not sure. However, it is a negotiation point, so in that respect, consider whether or not it's a point worth arguing over if you're interested in selling your home.



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