Using The International Residential Code

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Does the International Residential Code cover all types of residential dwellings, including apartment buildings?

Using The International Residential Code

The International Residential Code is a comprehensive set of regulations covering the building of one and two family residences. Construction issues addressed include building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing areas of home building.

Available in a loose-leaf binder, you can also obtain the International Residential Code (IRC) in a CD-Rom format, get the paperback version, or download it instantly as a PDF. Because of the great number of changes to the recent 2006 edition, a companion book has come onto the market, the “2006 Significant Changes to the International Residential Code”, which helps users to interpret those codes frequently encountered and affected by the new IRC code changes. The authors of the companion book are part of the International Code Council, which produced the original 2006 IRC.



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