Wrenches And Pliers For Plumbing

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What are some basic wrenches and pliers and what are they used for?

Wrenches And Pliers For Plumbing

Wrenches and pliers are essential and basic tools to perform all kinds of plumbing tasks. Even if you think you wouldn't know the first thing to tackle a leaky pipe, try reading our guide to familiarize yourself with wrenches and pliers:

Tongue and Groove Pliers – This tool, also commonly called the plumber's pliers, open up big enough to tackle just about every size of pipe there is and gives you more torque due to its offset head.

Crescent Wrench – The smooth design of the crescent wrench makes it less likely to damage the finish on your nicer fixtures. If you want to be especially careful, just wrap a piece of cloth around your fixture before you put a wrench on it.

Pipe wrench – The pipe wrench comes with a long handle and works well for threaded connections. This wrench works best if you keep the back of the jaw snug against the pipe while you're tightening it.

Basin wrench – It's a spring-loaded tool with a long handle and it's perfect for hard to reach areas when you need to tighten or loosen a pipe connection.



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