Septic Tank Parts

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What are the main parts of a septic tank?

Septic Tank Parts

If you're getting ready to have a septic tank installed, but you know little about how it works, find out what the septic tank parts are. When you're dealing with such a major installation, it helps to learn the lingo.

Main Waste Line – This sewer line connects the plumbing of your house to the septic tank.
Septic Tank – This component will often be buried close to your home, a few feet below the surface. The septic tank receives all the sewage and wastewater and assists in purifying it for return into the soil.
Effluent Distribution Pipe – This pipe directs the effluent to the leaching system.
Distribution Boxes – These septic tank parts assist directing the effluent evenly to the leaching system.
Leaching System – This soil drainage system can consist of many types, including perforated pipes in gravel filled trenches, seepage pits, and sand beds.



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