Trenchless Pipe Replacement – Pipe Relining

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What is pipe relining?

Trenchless Pipe Replacement – Pipe Relining

In some situations, a type of trenchless pipe replacement called pipe relining is the best method to solve troubled sewer pipes. Pipe relining involves using an epoxy relining substance to create a mold within a damaged pipe. With pipe relining, a plumbing professional essentially creates a new smooth skin almost like a new pipe within the existing one. Your plumbing professional can evaluate the best method of injecting the epoxy relining substance. However, often times, your plumbing professional will need minimal digging and can use the sewer line clean out access to perform repairs. You can use this trenchless pipe replacement method for sewer pipes damaged from roots, to fill in crack and holes, or fill in missing pipe.



1/23/2007 1:29:30 PM
Nathan in San Deigo said:

Just had this done yesterday 1/22/07. Without it, they would have had to go through the floor of my garage and the alley (which would need a permit from the city). Instead they did trenchless repair. Was $3980. But done in one day and I lost only three small plants with no other damage. We had roots in the pipes underneath 15 feet of cement. They went from my house all the way to the city lines. Should be good for decades and has a 5 year warrenty. So that's good too.


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