What To Look For When Shopping For A Hot Water Heater

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What should I look for when purchasing a hot water heater?

What To Look For When Shopping For A Hot Water Heater

If you're thinking about replacing your existing hot water heater, it helps to know the basics so you can choose a model that best suits your home. A hot water heater comes in two main types: electric and gas. If you're looking for an electric water heater, they are suitable for use in most areas. Folks who shop for gas water heaters usually also use gas to fuel an appliance, such as a fireplace or stove. When shopping for either type of hot water heater, you should consider the following:

Water Capacity: A gas water heater ranges from tankless or just a few gallons to over 50 gallons. The most common size is 40 or 50 gallons for a water heater.

Recovery Rate: The recovery rate will determine how many gallons your water heater will heat up in an hour.

Size: Where you place your hot water heater and how much space you have will affect the constraints of the unit size. Look at the height and width to make sure you have enough room for your unit.

Energy Efficiency Rating: Want to know how much the hot water heater you're purchasing is going to cost you per year? Look for a sticker on the side of the model telling you the energy efficiency rating.



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